Social Entrepreneurs our only way out !

Every day we are bombarded by Facebook posts, Tweets and billboards promoting services, products, innovative ideas for commercial purposes.

We always tend to evaluate the product based on its quality, delivery service, price and client service. Some products respond to a certain need and others create the need so we consume more.

But how about social impact? What about businesses coming up with innovative solution to some social, financial and environmental needs? What about sustainability? What resources producers are consuming in order to sell?

Why not ask for a recycled package?
Why products are delivered by car or motorcycle other than bikes?
Who is behind this production, a business man or a local producer looking for a new income generator to sustain his/her family?
What is the social value proposed by this product?

Social entrepreneurship is our only way out!
Sustainability, social impact, social value, environmental approach and financial solution for a social change.

These big slogans seem impossible, but let’s shed the light on some entrepreneurs’ businesses aiming at a social change.

Women to Women success: Pitch:
The aim of our project is to support women and improve their cooking expertise. We want to help them be productive by training and providing them with a sustainable source of income.
Our goal is to involve the private sector and promote corporate social responsibility, in order to benefit the community.

We create home-based job opportunities for unemployed women who need to work and provide for their families.
We train them to cook healthy meals.
Our role is to promote and market their dishes and allocate catering events.



Why order from a big restaurant when women across the street can prepare your meal with quality, value, standard and good prices.

In the upcoming weeks we will be sharing initiative from Lebanon and the Mena region stressing on the importance of Social entrepreneurship.

Businesses can make a change! Start your own.


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