Part 2: Diary of A queer Break up in Beirut

Day 1 and a half:

I left Saifi, i went home, to write this email, on my way home memories hit me, “valentine’s” how much intimate we got, how lovely it was, how magical it felt,
when she is so pragmatic she made it magical, just like movies, or Art, i tell her sometimes that she contradicts herself, she doesn’t believe me.

I went home, sat in front of my laptop and wrote this email. Titled: Closure email:

I am sending you this email, as a noble closure to our relationship which i still don’t know why it ended in the first place but who cares about details, even if details make souvenirs and memories which i shall never forget

X I loved you, i was in love with you, i am sorry if i couldn’t make you happy, i am sorry if i was not the partner you imagined, i am sorry if i didn’t meet your criteria but i am genuinely sorry

i want you to know, that you reserved a one way ticket in my journey and your soft spot in my heart shall remain the same,

i want you to know that i am guarding you in my dreams, where i dreamed also to make this relationship the best, the happiest and the longest

i want you to know that i shall always support you, empower you and be by your side, even when i am not physically there, i am checking up on you, through friends,

i want you to know that you can rely on me, i am mature enough to handle things, and innocent enough to face adult life

i want you to know that knowing you was one happy ride , loving you made my days, and knowing your family and friends was and still an honor ,

i want you to know that whoever i meet, whatever i become, wherever i go i shall hold you like a memory and souvenir i shall not forget

You touched my soul with your presence
Hope i touched yours

All the best

I love you

Your guardian angel


She called me, we went for Drinks as Usual, this time with her friends.



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