Diary of A queer Break up in Beirut

Day 1 :

we had breakfast at Paul, amazing omelet with orange juice, exchanged gifts, smoked a cigarette, and went each one to her work.
That morning i proposed to go watch a play at 8:30 Trying to break the daily routine about going to the movies, dinner or drinks with friends, that routine that she is been nagging about for the past 2 weeks. I broke it.

At 2 she buzzes me, telling me she can’t make it she is tired maybe Pmsing or i don’t know what exactly honestly i still don’t know why.

I took advantage that i am in my office and there is a land-line where i can call and make it a long phone call.
– Hey love what’s up
– Nothing
– something is wrong, are you crying
– Listen it is a phase i am going through, you deserve better, you deserve happiness and i am not making you happy
– but we are partners, we party sometimes, we cry on different occasions, we can talk business, and share our daily work news, it doesn’t have to be emotional all the time and happy
– So we end it
– yes, go meet someone who can make you happy.

It ended.
I removed her from Facebook
I removed myself from a shared group on whatsapp
I closed my laptop
I took advantage of being alone in the office and cried
I went to Saifi village to work
I cancelled all my evening plans
I am not watching the play anymore
I am going home now



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