2014 Predictions- They will happen I swear – Lebanon

2014 just started, it will be a Year full of actions, events and many more.

we will list our predictions for 2014 by category:


Lebanon: Media:

– Tony Khalife will host a rape victim and defend the rapist

– Marcel Ghanem will continue with Kalam El nas

– Nidal el Ahmadieh will attack Gay bar with an article titled: “لبنان جنة الشاذين ”

– Madam Roula will launch Star Academy season 10

– Sabah will get married and probably die

– Bassem Feghaly will finally come out as a transsexual

– Michel Elefetriades will move to Nowherestan and allow no Syrian to go there at least with their cars.

– OTV will produce a huge show featuring Layal Daou, Hisham Haddad, Adel Karam and Roula Chamiye called:  “Have no fear, The Maronite general  is here”

–  Nayla Tueini will write a 200 words analysis : “Syria: The come back of the Palestinian Scenario”

– Joumana Haddad: will wait for an answer for “who’s your mama” article.

Lebanon: social and NGO:

– Power cuts and Bassil is still the minister of Energy.

– No more Gas in Lebanon: Israel took it all

– Huge traffic in Mar Mikhael and the authorities accuse the Valet Parking of “Enab” and all the restaurants

– UNHCR will finally buy a second server to register the 200,000 new comers

– Hariri Foundation will close its offices : unpaid rent

– Women rights NGO will emphasis on the role of women in building a democratic country, during the reelection of their Board for the 30th year in a row.

– Nadim Gemayel’s body guards will attack Abed Tahan for selling cameras while he is having lunch in the area, and later organize Achrafieh 2020 an action for peace.

Lebanon Security:  

– Marwan Charbel will deliver a speech: “I invite all the Lebanese to pray, only God knows where we are heading”

Lebanon Finance:

– Buy only the necessary. No more than daily Bread



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