The 10 most inspiring moments on TV in 2013

All my friends’ Facebook statuses and Tweets showed that 2013 was one hell of a Year full of dramatic political failures, death, massacres, break ups, financial crisis, loss. But still 2013 was marked by inspiring moments and videos that kept us going and made us feel that the best is Yet to come.

Here is 10 inspiring moments and people which left a positive mark:

1- LBC news introduction written by the one and only Khaled Saghiyeh: and here is one from 2012: أهلاً بكم بجمهورية العار 



2- Hajja Hayat and The Lebanese hostages held in Aazaz:

3- The Brave Kid from Aleppo who lost 40 members of his family and refused to cry in front of the camera:



4- Dima Sadek Teaching Nadim Koteich a lesson in Ethics: 



5- Hanna Gharib and the Historical Labor strike:



6-  Edward Snowden Christmas message:



7- child sitting in pope’s chair:



8- The emotional Baby:



9- Elle Degeneres and Bic Pen for her:



10- Samer Issawi is Free: the longest hunger strike in History came to a happy end.



Have a great Year !


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